Tuesday, January 18, 2011

PicMessaging SO does not look good on you

Guy 5: Stewart (I mean really? Stewy....stewy!!)
Age: 28
Kids: 0
Status: Single - and don't think he has left is apartment for years...
Employment: Medical School....like most of the men I have met - I am changing my desire to date a doctor....none of them are as sexy and cynical as House...they are strange! and not in the sexy way I like
Height:  5.8?
Eyes:  Dark brown
Hair: Dark brown, well from what he had left of it....receding hair lines...at what point do you just say, fuck it, and go bald?
Build: meh - all I noticed was his killer coat and chuck's.
Outfit: -   blue Chuck taylors..bonus - and no, not only because my dad used to wear them, distressed jeans and a blue plaid shirt topped off with killer glasses...and then that hair line..dammit. He might have been the first male version of a 'butter face' I have met
First impression: Ok dude, the idea of a blind date is so that I don't know what you look like ahead of time, so therefore I will not bail....if I didn't have a sense of humor I never would have showed up after that picmessage!

Blonde Date Blondie Rating:  2 - I like a guy who I can have somewhat intelligent conversation with.

Reasons I liked him: It was comfortable talking to him about my life, as vocal and extroverted as I may be, I don't really share too much..(hahah how is that for fucking ironic as I am writing a blog about every detail of my dating life!) Any who, we talked about my research at the National Center for Deaf Health Research and working on various grants throughout the Preventative Medicine field (you see how I did that huh? Through in some personal shit so you would know something about me, cause I a such a closed book)...we questioned life and the way certain people said things and how yogurt has mysteriously become a drinkable item.

We had fun, he ordered my dinner and enjoyed a few beers.  Although, he did get my order wrong and I ended up with the wrong salad, that is besides the point.  

Things that made me not like him:  Telling me he has lived near the University, which is 5 minutes to downtown, and after 2 years of living here, this was the first time he went out to eat downtown...I nearly shit my pants.  What what was this hermit doing?!?!??! Obviously studying and being a smart rich doctor, but really??? 2 years in your apartment? How do people do it? I could never just wake up, go to work or school, come home, eat dinner, watch tv or play video games, go to bed and do it all on repeat every single day.  

How do you know you are alive if you don't get out there and experience it!  He was working so hard for this prestigious degree and acknowledgment to come 8 years down the road, and in the meantime he let everything social pass him by...when he might not even see tomorrow....  Anything can happen at any time - I'd rather not waste the time planning only for retirement (which I am, I am not THAT dumb).  But I also have life insurance.  Those of you who know me, know I am married to my job, mainly because I am single and I have nothing else to focus my attention on, but I make time for fun.  I don't understand how other people don't either?

Anyways, enough about my thoughts on life. What do you care about that anyways, you are here to read about terrible dating, and the possibility of me tossing in a sex scene *no? took it too far? sorry mom*

The worst thing this kid did was send me a picture message of him saying "This is what I look like and what shirt I am wearing".

Now let me tell you - it looked nothing like the photo I had seen online.  NOTHING.  The photo online was CLEARLY taken in highschool. Well, not that I find highschool boys attractive.

Mainly it was his hair...the fact he had about 50% less than what I had seen....tells me some years had gone by. So I sent this text to my sister and close friend, because I was about pissing myself.  So if you are going to send a picture of yourself to someone...make sure it actually makes you look good!

And finally, if you are going to do that lame, one handed self taken picture..put your arm above your nose, NO ONE looks good from the bottom up and with a double chin.  No one. 

Oh, and don't you worry...I have been starting a collection of the most ridiculous pic-messages EVER....that blog to follow.  First I have to put black bars over their eyes so they can't sue me, because clearly doing that makes them unrecognizable.

Here's to another free dinner...even though it was the wrong one.


The Girl Who has to stop seeing the good in people


Jason Burk said...

I admire your fortitude! I'm not one for blind dates, but have you tried good ol flirting and whatnot in the real world? I'm sure you could go to a coffee shop, wink at an attractive guy and have a date setup the next week.

Or at least that's what I've learned from romantic comedies... ;) What!? They don't lie in the movies!

The road to find a great relationship is a long one, some find it sooner than others, but for you and I, we just keep putting ourselves out there and hope for the best.

- Jason

A Girl's Gotta Eat said...

Thanks Jason! I have done the good ol' fashioned flirting - but they never ended up being people I wanted to spend time with. But I am also ol' fashioned where I am under the misconception that the guy should pursue the girl. Which in this generation seems to be a hard concept for men to grasp.

I figured moving to a new city, not knowing anyone would be the best time to try blind dates - and it has been an adventure. Each person I meet I learn a little bit more what I want in a relationship, as well as pushing my acceptance boundaries to know what characters I am attracted too as well as those that are not deal breakers.

You should try blind dating! It is not as intimidating as you think - you can really tell by the end of the date if you will talk to the person again. Usually you won't. Only downside is you are paying for the meal since you are the man :)

Keep me posted and best of luck on your road to love!


Anonymous said...

sex scene??

A Girl's Gotta Eat said...

well not scene...more a description of sexual favors exchanged :)

Yep, took it too far again.

Jason Burk said...

Lets do a link exchange. I really like your girl's perspective on dating, so I put a link on my blog to your site. It'll probably attract some readers to you. Do the same on your blog and we'll bring all the boys and girls together