Friday, January 14, 2011

Part 3: Why I am single - ASL?

So really, these are the rest of the responses that had no category, but maybe really the only honest ones...I mean...lets face it, we are all smart enough to know the answer to my question is simple....they are just not that interested in me.   But don't get me wrong, hearing all the other stuff was very flattering :)

"guy's might be looking at your profile and not contacting you because one they are not looking for anything too serious in the beg. second would be they dont know much about what your bodytype is(sad to say it)"

"5'10 is probably too tall for me, and i think that might be the main reason I didnt contact with you.  You are certainly attractive but I'm not sure either or us is each other's type. Feel free to let me know if I'm wrong. But for lots of guys that share life with thing is maybe a bit offputting? If you replaced it with something along the lines of looking for a guy who wants to really get to know me and appreciate me? I'm bad at speaking for most guys though. Anyway have a nice day."

"I really don't know why guys wouldn't message you. You don't seem like an axe murderer or anything."

"To answer you question about what it is about your profile that would stop me from contacting you? I think you are very cute and everything you said in your profile was great, the only thing that would have stopped me if you didn't ask... You put that you are 5'10", I would just assume you wouldn't be interested in me because I'm shorter than you. So that's why I wouldn't have contacted you but now I did and I hope to hear back from you."

"Also, ninety percent of men on here are probably just looking for sex, so there's that problem too"

"I just read your profile (yes, the entire thing, I didn't just skip to the pictures), and I thought I would write to let you know this guy didn't look and pass on your profile for anything more than the fact that I am a bit older than what your looking for (you say 24-38 and I am 41). I thought you had a very well writen profile, you sound strong, confident and fun (all things very attractive in a lady). Wish I were younger, but I am sure you will get what your looking for in here, you sound like quite the catch!"

Well here's to getting back into the grind...bets on if I will have a date for Valentine's Day? Bahh


The girl who is to tall for your midget people

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