Thursday, December 23, 2010

Kissing Frog Does Not Turn him into a Prince

Guy 3: Antonio
Kids: 0
Status: Single
Employment: Post Doc Physicist with an interview at Harvard...right.
Height:  183 meters
Eyes:  dark brown, slightly sexy
Hair: Dark brown, thick - a few strands of gray - again, sexy to a point
Build:  average in shape guy
Outfit:Hm - hiking boots, cashmere cable-net sweater, zipped up, and dark wash jeans - and a Columbia jacket ..strange
First impression: Oh- he is cute sitting alone at the sushi bar - drinking saki...oh...accent too!! I am going to marry this one!
Blonde Date Blondie Rating: 4 out of 5 if it was not for the end of the will see
Date #2?:  Oh I really really wanted to! Thought we would, but hell no. Not a chance in the world.

I could literally hear the delicate and swift breath intensely falling from this mans lips to his lungs as I approached.  Oh, this one is going to be a piece of cake! Tall, decent looking- and already drinking saki. 
We had a decent time – moments I didn’t like him when he just inhaled an entire piece of sushi leaving the remnants of excessive soy sauce around his lips, and when he seemed to miraculously end up with a hole in his chin toward the end of the night, resulting in 25% of his water landing on his nice grey cashmere sweater.  
Endearing I found it - this man who claimed to be this intelligent, physicist - wasn’t perfect.  I like that.

We continued with a glass of wine night cap and I ended the evening fairly early.  At this point I made a dumb decision, so I am warning you right now; don’t judge me for it, OK! His car was closer so he drove me to mine.  I KNEW half way there, fuck, I should not get in this mans car, but he took me to mine as expected.  I leaned into give him a hug, I was fairly confident I would see this one again – I was excited in a sense.
Until he ate my face. What the fuck!! He did the whole two kiss cheek thing, which I went along with, until he grabbed the back of my neck and held my face to his opened fish odor mouth, proceeding to jab the inside of my cheeks and helpless face with his awful nub tongue.   Which brings me to another questions, how is it that people don’t know how to kiss?!  Age 12 sucking, literally is ok.  Age 30, god bless the woman who ties you down!

 I tried repeatedly saying “ok thank you” “text me when you get home” or any other comprehensive sentence I could think of to occupy my face and mouth from his insane efforts to eat me from the inside out.   (Well, let me correct that: it was the location of where he was trying to eat me from the inside out that was the problem; if he was intensely attempting to eat something else on my body with the zest and passion he had, I wouldn’t have been so upset)

Finally I pulled away, said I must go and he puts the car in park and says “no why don’t you stay here for a bit” I said, “absolutely not, have to go” where he followed to say “What, I traveled distance for you, you give me something?”

At that point I gave him the finger as I had my other hand on the door handle and was in my car before I could retract my finger from his face.

So my conclusion from all of this was he thought I was a slut from the beginning?? Was it my long beautiful blonde hair, my hot heels, the fact I was wearing eye liner? I mean, I looked pretty hot that day. Or that I laughed at his jokes?  Either way, what the hell would his mother think if she saw him act like that? Would she be disappointed? Because clearly no one has ever taught this man how to court a woman…or like I said, he thought I was a slut.

God – I can’t ever get it right with this dating thing!!

Here is to hoping my lips grown back and his bite marks don’t leave scars.

Love The Girl who must be too good looking for some people.and waiting for this kiss  ------->

Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a douchebag.

Guy 2: Douchebag
Age: 31
Kids: 0
Status: Single
Employment: back in school finding a new career
Height:  don't know never met!
Eyes:  douchebag
Hair: Dark blonde...oh yes, I know because he sent me a text pic....ew
Build:  you guessed it - douchebag
Outfit: I bet this kid doesn't even know what a good pair of shoes or jeans looks like... or his mom still dresses him
First impression:  I literally think I hate this kid - from all of his first text I automatically thought about my ex and how he would cheat on me from one of these silly free dating sites, and I could just picture him saying the things this guy did....omg makes my damn skin crawl.
Blonde Date Blondie Rating: 1, you ask why not a 0 or negative...well...lets flipping face it this guy has proved to be entertainment from the first moment!! I knew I wouldn't like him, but I wanted to have some fun with it...haha
Date #2?:  Dude keeps texting me and calling me to hang out...really???

I am going to let the text do the talking on this one: (Note: Please pay attention to response times)

Monday December 13,2010: 7:32pm

Douche (D): 7:32p: "Hey, its douche Whats up"
GG2Eat: 7:48p: "NM, having dinner with a friend"
D: 7:49p: Cool, were you still up for drinks?
GG2Eat: 8:55p:  Absolutely, I am always up for a drink
D: 8:56p:Great hun, I have a test tonight but how about Friday
GG2Eat: 9:15p: Perfect, happy hour, you pick the place
D: 9:17p:Ok hunni have a great night!

Wednesday December 15, 2010: 8:39pm

Douche (D): 8:39p I passed my test :)
D: 8:52p:Yep I got 1 more :)
D: 8:59p: its my last year, one more semester!
D: 9:07p: haha huni work hard at school, im happy
AGG2Eat: 9:09: Dude, I think you got your numbers mixed up, I didn't write you anything
D: 9:11p:  oh hahah! Sorry my phone contacts got all messed up yesterday, thats so weird, sorry sweetie, how did we meet?
AGG2Eat: 9:15p: Its Agirlsgottaeat from *some dumb online service*
D: 9:18p:  oh i kno you lol
D: 9:33p:  don't worry - it won't happen again :)
AGG2EAT: 10:15p: Ya, well it's easy to mess up people's phone numbers when you are talking to multiple women at the same time and don't save their name with the number.  :)
D: 10:37p: haha, i know my contacts just got all messed
D: 10:55p: What are you doing tonite?
D: 10:59p: hunny what you doing now?
D: 11:14p:  Well you have a good nite! :)
I NEVER WROTE HIM BACK - Passed out, didn't care...watching Family guy...obviously doing something more important..than talking to a man who can't keep his blind dates straight!

Thursday, December 16, 2010:4:46p

D: I am a good student :)  Im really happy I had the best semester grade wise. we still on 4 tomorrow. I may hafta stop dt tonight for a bit
AGG2Eat: Ya I have to push it back to 9 because I was thrown on an event last minute
D: OK Ill prob go dt around 830 ill be solo i may meet u w friends at 10 your welcome to come. i guess well see how our first impressions go lol :P
AGG2Eat: Ok, text me when you get downtown what bar you are at
D: Ok Sweetie if you get free any earlier let me kno. i was lookin fward to happy hour w you
AGG2Eat:  Aw, sorry
D: o i understand see you tmmr :)  :)

Friday, December 17, 2010 : 9:07pm 
So I knew this was gonna be good, it was almost 45min after he was supposed to 'go downtown solo' and text me where he was to meet I thought muahahha this is gonna get good...lets fuck with him...

AGG2Eat: 9:07p: Hey, I'm headed downtown, what bar are you at?
Douchebag!:  9:27p:  Hey im out in another town. totally lost track of time
AGG2Eat: 9:54p: Ok, Have fun
Douchebag:   Another nite plz sorry iv been caught up in the end of semester celebration. i promise im not a flake
AGG2Eat: 10:17p: haha you're kidding right?  You had your chance :) Maybe the girls number you messed mine up with will meet up with you.
Douchebag: 10:24p: your kidding right....i made a mistake and got stuck in another sister dragged me out here for a drink to celebrate the best semester i ever had grade wise. i totally thought id be back by now
Douchebag: 10:25p: im sorry hun hope your understandin
AGG2Eat:: 10:26p: hah haha
Douchebag: 10:27p: so you not understandin and laughing at me huh
AGG2Eat: 10:28: oh hun don't turn it around on me. i didn't fuck up :)
Douchebag: 10:30p:  what did i fuck up a chance to share a drink with my sister and meet a pretty girl tho she's not flexible or understanding of mistakes
AGG2Eat: 10:45p: exactly, you are smarter than I thought you were
Douchebag:10:57p:  your the pretty girl in that last msg if ya didnt kno
AGG2Eat: 11:15p: Ya, I got that. Had you met me you would of been able to add funny intelligent witty successful and maybe sooner or later great in bed.
Douchebag:11:27p:  you know im a good guy thoo. i have plenty to offer. maybe we can try again and discover how awesome we both are

Douchebag: 11:33p:  Calls me: I don't answer

Douchebag: 11:35p:   99% of the time i never fail when it comes to being on time and having integritty.  i guess im not used to having my big sister proud of me. think about it.  sleep on it give me text if you change yer mind. have a great night hun

Douchebag:11: 45p: my sister even called me a dumb ass
AGG2Eat:  Dude, I canceled other plans and had to rearrange a bunch of shit at work for me to meet up with you.  So ya. dumb move on your part. 

Thought I won the war and I would actually never hear from him again - that was pretty harsh right?!! ..ohhh..if only it were that easy.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010: 2:28pm

Douchebag:  what are you up to today

2:33p Calls Me; I answer

Douchebaggerman: Hey
Douchebaggerman: Whats up
Nothing at work
***awkward 10 second silence***
Douchebaggerman: Thats cool, I just got done paintin for my family, my family is always findin things for me to paint, haha
Oh thats cool
Douchebaggerman: Ya so what you up to today?
Going to the hockey game
Douchebaggerman: Oh thats cool, when do you wanna meet up
Ugh, I am pretty busy until the new year
Douchebaggerman: Ok cool, call me after the game and we can meet
Um ok, bye
Douchebaggerman: Bye hun

Douchebaggerman: : 4:17p  Text me when your free sweetie
AGG2Eat: 8:46p: Whats up?
Douchebaggerman: 8:52p: Just making some call my buddy jimmy is having a celebration at his house
AGG2Eat: 8:55p: Some call???
Douchebaggerman:: 9:05p: lol ya what u doing
Douchebaggerman: 9:19p: thats exciting huh
Douchebaggerman: 9:35p: well have a nice nite then hun
AGG2Eat: 10:16: I was at the symphony
Douchebaggerman: oh was it nice you so cultur' :)

Ok I promise that's it...i am not answering any more if his texts...but you better fucking believe if he keeps writing me and it is beneficial for this blog, I will meet him....and destroy him....well maybe...should I? I think I should....and I will tell all of you where and when we are meeting and you can spy hahaha..oh boy...

The point of this blog is...I am astounded at how
1: we had plans to meet up at 9. 
2: he was going dt at 8:3o and texting me when he ended up somewhere
3: he was looking forward to happy hour and meeting me
4: he ends up not going downtown at all, doesn't tell me - so I go downtown and waste my makeup and hairspray (not really, but I let him think I did)
5: i ask his whereabouts and he actually responds; he thinks he didn't do anything wrong
6: It is somehow my fault? and i am not understanding
7: he still wants to meet up

I totally understand the ditching people if you don't ever want to talk to them again - like this past week, when I ran out on my blind date...literally RAN out on him (that one will come later) and he got the point and hasn't contacted me, but to ditch someone, respond to a text and blame them for the whole situation, then have the balls to assume they would want to hang out with you?? who is this guy??

douchebag !! question is....are there really girls out there that fall for this BS? what happened in my life that makes me not fall for this?? besides common sense.   I mean he is a good looking kid - from what I can tell from online and his text picture he sent this BS must be working with some women...women that I clearly would not relate to or I would like to talk to!

my advice for him? go prey on some freshman college girls at a Towney bar...that's the only place this act fits in. (shut up to those of you that know I am speaking from experience)


The Girl who is not flexible or understandin'....hunny.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How do you NOT become pathetic?

I like this boy. Have not heard back from him.  He clearly does not like me.

I know this, and will not become crazy and try to text him again.  Unfortunately, most girls don't.

It got me to thinking, how many strikes should we allow them? I mean, we don't want to be pushy - but then we always get told "it's your own fault you are single, you don't let a guy know you like him when you do", we think we have to exhaust all options to get noticed and "win the prize".  Well hell, how do I let him know? Do I write it with lipstick on his mirror, do I write him folded notes and ask his mom to give it to him, do I facebook him a message, am I supposed to write "call me" in the snow on his windshield???  What is the proper way to let a guy know you are interested? Do you literally just say, I like you, lets hang out.  Because then I think there would have to be some subtext that mentions you do not want his penis to hangout of his pants, because you are looking for a serious mature relationship, and no I do not want to go back to your place to play twister, you scumbag, do I look like a slut??! ah, anyways.

I just feel like getting older and mature, and sexually experienced, women feel the only way they can tell a guy they like them is by hooking up with them, and unfortunately women think the only way they can tell if a guy likes them is if they try to hook up with her. Which in turn leads to girls being dumb and giving a guy head, just so they feel wanted, needed and think the guy is interested, because they are CLEARLY showing they are interested in him, and now he will totally fall in love with her because she is so amazing and does everything he wants.   No mom, I did not give a guy head for him to like me. At least not this year.

NEWS FLASH - no guy is going to date you if you give it up on the first date. At least not one you should want to date, unless you are in to the whole cheating, heartache, melodramatic relationship. I've been there.  I have been so blinded by love, I didn't see my own Independence and life falling through the small crack of civilization I exposed myself to.  I literally have lost friends because of boyfriends, I have failed in jobs because of boyfriends,  because I have fallen victim to the "I need to know he wants me" theory.  It is not fun.   Which is why I want to know what do normal women do to let a guy know they like them???

What the fuck - Now I am screwed because I want someone who will take charge and not be shy to show me he is interested, but those are the type of guys I have dated in the past, duh RED FLAG. I am becoming a nun.

So how many strikes is ok to give a guy to hang out.  I say go with the tried and trusted 2.  Ask him to do something. Perhaps something comes up, he can't.  No problems, don't cry....yet.  Tell him to get a hold of you when he is free and can hang out, if you don't hear from him....he doesn't like you.  Yes, just like the book, He is Just not That Into You! Learn it, Like it...Live by it.  No guy is going to blow you off for a week if he likes you.  So 2 strikes, he is gone.    Chances are he is dating someone, has someone else on his radar he likes better than you, or just plain does not like you.  So don't be pathetic and play the whole "Oh I just want to be friends with him" and waste your precious time getting coffee with him and watching football with him on Sunday and bringing over chip dip, or  talking to him about his relationship the HOPES he will change his mind and see how wonderful you are.  He is not going to - he does not care.

If he wanted you, he would not risk letting a moment pass that he might lose you to someone else.

Maybe I am wrong. and this is why I am single. So tell me what I should be doing geniuses.

Off to another blind date!!
The girl who clearly should not be giving dating advice :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Half satisfied - better than not at all !

Dustin, this one got me.  Not like understood me, but I went on a second date with him. Sarcastic son of a bitch, and something is clearly really wrong with him.  Perhaps it is the fact he was told this summer he only had 5-6 years to live, but still does not leave his house.  Damn, the hook up was great – just what I needed.  He paid attention to details – I said I liked the Beatles, he took the damn Beatles CD to every room we played in.  He was a poker player but didn’t get mad when I beat him at cards.  

But…just a horny little man. Kind of reminded me of some other douchebags, the way they used to force themselves on me, maybe that’s why I liked him.  Clearly I have a type.  I mean, hey – I love sex. He was sweet – he tipped toed quietly not to wake me up in the morning, made me coffee – but I over stayed my welcome on that one…which I am kind of glad I did. He would not have been good for me.  

He would have completely engulfed my need to be ‘wanted’ and caring and sweet.  I don’t want that. I'm ready for someone in my life who drives me to be a better person, someone who challenges me and questions my intentions and ruffles my feathers.  Someone who is a man that is not afraid of an independent woman.  I have friends, I want to hang out with them.  I love my job, I want to work late. I know you have friends, I want you to spend time with them. I want to go to California, I am going to go to California.  I want someone to take random adventures with me and appreciate the spontaneity of life. 

I am a hypocrite because I envy those people who have found that someone they can spend 100% of their time with and stay home at night and just chill…but I don’t want that type of relationship.  I want random.  I want to go to a local art show on a Thursday, then have a picnic in the snow on Friday, right after volunteering to walk dogs at the local park.

What I learned I want from a guy from Dustin: someone who pays attention to the little things, someone who is well read and tells me what books to read.

What I learned I don’t want from a guy from Dustin: A hermit, when I tell you I don’t care what we do it is not because I am a lame chick who wants the man to make all the decisions. It is because I truly do not care what we do.  If you said, hey lets try out curling…great! What color shirt should I wear and how do we rent equipment. 

Here's to finding someone soon who can challenge me!

The girl who left half satisfied :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

What's my name again?

Guy 3: Justin (already a bad sign when he has the same name as your ex, not that I should be able to consider Justin an ex since we barely were ‘dating’ in public for more than three hours at a time, before he changed his mind … and wanted to keep his options open…but then I went out one night and looked hot, he wanted to date me again….I’m not bitter and that clearly has nothing to do with why I don’t trust men, cough cough,**sigh**)
Age: 28?
Kids: 0 – but when asked what his goal in life was, he replied “to be a great  grandfather” …ok ok all together now….AWWWWW ..right! Don’t worry he fucks it up later.
Status: Single
Employment: Sales Manager
Height: maybe 5’10”           
Eyes:  Icy blue
Hair:  Dark curly brown
Build:  average, marathon runner
Outfit: light blue button down, Puma brown tie ups bonus!, good fitting jeans but nothing fancy
First impression:  omg, not what I expected? And why are you sitting like a creeper in the corner of the bar not the middle?
Blonde Date Blondie Rating: 3 cocktails
Date #2?:  not….yet?? its been 3 months and he hasn’t grown a pair yet to actually ask me on a date, just texts me all the time telling me how much he would LIKE to take me out again – clearly not a red flag he has commitment issues.

Moments that made me like him:  the longer we talked, or maybe it was the more I drank, he became more attractive – he has beautiful eyes, and I could just tell he was interested in me.  Or hell, maybe I just like someone more when I can tell that I have the upper hand.  Boy I am in trouble.  He also taught me all about fishing and hunting seasons, like my own personal national geographic station, because he was  a great talker.

Moments that made me not like him:   he was a great talker…he talked wayyyy too much.  Geeze – this is the second guy in a row that has consumed the entire conversation.  Literally at one point I said, “did I tell you that already? Oh yea, no, I didn’t because you haven’t asked me anything about myself”  and this was 3 hours into the date.

There was also the moment a few days later when he texted me, “well you are not my typical type I go for, but you sure are sexy as hell and I wanted to fuck you.  I wish I would have kissed you, you have such beautiful lips”.  Now, dilemma!!!! Because… I was slighting flattered, yet disturbingly on the verge of vomiting.  Hell, I don’t mind being proud to be the woman who can transcend boundaries of men’s female “types”.  Which I am sure his was 5’2” brown hair and no boobs – At the same point I was disgusted at how he assumed I would have taken him up on his offer to have sex – I mean who does he think I am? A single, cute, desperate, lonely single blond, going on a tremendous amount of blind dates for fun? I mean come on…ugh.

Keep the Number?:  I have it – just so I know who constantly keeps texting me randomly, but will not be pursuing this one…unless he shows up with roses and stuffed animals at my door step.   Or stops texting me about how he wants to have a glass of wine at my place and make me cum.  Really?

Maybe the next, next one will let me talk?
The Girl forgot what it’s like to hear her own voiceJ

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello! Can I say something????

Guy 2: Mr. MD, (we will call him this because his name is rather original and I fear if he did a google search for his name he would find this post, and we should all agree that can’t be a good thing)
Age: 32
Kids: 0
Status: Single
Employment: Medical Resident with specialty in child care(awww)
Height:  maybe 5’8”, and I wore heels – automatically not going to work
Eyes:  Hazelnut?
Hair: Dark Brown
Build:  Eh – claimed he worked out, but I sure saw some  puffiness in his mid section
Outfit: Hot jeans, classic boating shoes and a dark blue button down
First impression:  OMG, he wears glasses - hot, but gosh he is short - not
Blonde Date Blondie Rating: 2
Date #2?:  Never happened – my neck hurt too much from looking down

Moments that made me like him:  He was a doctor…$$$$...he owned his own condo…$$$$... he was a doctor $$$$...shit this isn’t going any where cause I liked nothing about his personality!

Moments that made me not like him:  When he didn’t think I could play darts, then I schooled his ass…. and not once asked me a thing about myself.

Kid you not…this guy, n e v e r   s t o p p e d   t a l k iiiinnngggg.  OMG.  And these guys wonder why they are single?  I knew all about his career path, his mom, his dog he left at med school, his complete work schedule, how many times he takes a shower and combs his hair (ok, not really but feel like he might of mentioned it had I let him) and his condo he owns that is too big for his own good, and how much he loves to drink.  Ya, never knew doctors drank so much – every day after work and shit faced on weekends. JUST the kind of man I would want caring medically for my child…but come to think of it - the fact that he drank so much actually made me like him even more – twisted.

Now I wasn’t mad he didn’t let me win darts, but I was laughing at the fact that he assumed I wouldn’t be able to play.  Literally – this small little Mr. Medical man was embarrassed when I was up 75 points and hit triple 17’s.  That shut him up.  Might have been the only time I was able to say anything.

We didn’t have dinner – by choice – I ended the date after about 2 hours – yawn, I was ‘tired’ and had to go home because I had a big event the next day. Haha sucker.

Keep the Number?: I’ll keep this guys number if I ever get desperate and so poor I can’t afford only dinner, but my drinking habits as well.  Plus, knowing doctors…bonus!!! $$$$ Maybe he has some taller doctor friends.  Plus he said he would show me a good time at ‘flip night’ at some bar near the University.   I don’t get it. 

Here’s to hoping the next one lets me talk!
The Girl who can play sports J

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dating is like getting pregnant

So I woke up this morning with a thought.  Getting a boyfriend is kind of like getting pregnant. Well, especially for someone like myself.  I have been perfectly content, and insistent about not wanting a boyfriend for the past 2 years, focusing on my career, my education, my friends and family.  So I have trained my self; my actions, my words and body language to come across to everyone as if I am not interested in being taken.  I guess vulnerable would be a good word to describe exactly what I am NOT. (thanks dad!)

Then I realized this morning, this is a major change for my body -it is the same process of getting pregnant.  A few of my close friends have been trying to get pregnant for the last year or so, just like I have been 'trying' to get a boyfriend.  And the first thing medical doctors say is that you can not expect to get pregnant right away (though it is possible) since your body is so accustomed to doing the opposite of what you want now.  Whether that is being on birth control, or any other sort of ritual you choose to not get pregnant, (ps. the pull out method is not a good one nor safe kids!), it takes time for your hormones to readjust and remember it can make babies.  Inevitably, you will get pregnant.  Probably on a random night you indulge in too many glasses of wine, throwing caution into the wind, and the day after you have managed to convince yourself you don't want to be pregnant any more and you are perfectly happy with out a baby...but until that day thinking about it is stressful!

It's because you were not trying.  Your body relaxed, became accustomed to who it really was, all your ducks were in a row and your hormones evened out.  (This is not my medical opinion, really I have no clue what I am talking about, but it makes sense to me)

Same theory with dating - gosh knows, they day I admitted to myself, I would rather cry over alone with my cat watching a sad love drama movie, like How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and The Notebook, than cry over stupid random real life boyfriend drama...I end up meeting my last ex the next day at the bar being a complete free spirit, and looking mighty fine, I must add. Well maybe that was a bad example because he is my ex, and I wish I never met him, but different story.

So I'm OK with being single right now, I guess is my point.  Like all my friends out there trying to get pregnant, my body needs some time to adjust to my new choice.  We can't just make a mental decision one day and expect all the domino's to fall behind it perfectly right away.  I have to retrain my body language, my conversation and my trust in men to make myself attainable to the opposite sex.  Someone they want to spend time with.

Because if you have known me at all the past few years, you damn well know I don't need no man to survive.  Trouble is, now I want one.

Happy Snow Day!
The Girl who has to learn not to be so 'masculine' as Patty from Matchmaker Millionaire would say :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Longer a Virgin - of Blind Dates that is...

Guy 1 – Mark “hey how you doin’”
Age: 32
Kids: 1 child
Status: Divorced
Employment: Sales Manager, who thought he was a ‘Company Negotiator’, whatever, sales guy.
Height: 6’2”
Eyes:  Brown?
Hair: Dark Brown - cut short, not bad
Build:  oh my, he works out...
Outfit: Flip flops...yep the ultimate "I don't give a fuck" shoe, true religion jeans and white/red plaid shirt.
First impression:  Ok this guy has a funny nose, but nice freakin watch!
“Guy” Label: Immature Dad

Where we met: Blue Tusk, Syracuse NY; Pastabilities, Empire Brewery
Blind Date Blondie rating: 3 cocktails

Moments that made me like him:  We were laughing about apples, and I touched his arm…rock solid. I mean, a solid diamond held nothing to him.

Moments that made me not like him: his “hey baby lets fuck” line.

Ok so he didn’t really say that, but when the conversation starts with an IM “Where are we going to dinner. I am only in town for one night, no expectations” - you better believe I am taking him up on that.  Not only because I am well over due for a nice restaurant dinner, but I also know I have will power and that even though I know “I am only in town for one night, no expectations” really means “vacation sex”, I won't fall for it.  (so don't worry mom I didn't sleep with him)

Now this “vacation sex” doesn’t have to be on a real vacation, more seems like a great idea for people on business trips, I recommend it.  But it definitely follows my theory of Why the Fuck Not? 

This whole blog will follow my theory of Why the Fuck Not - like when he asked me to go back to his hotel with him...I thought, well I don't want to die, get a STD or not sleep in my own my WTFN was answered and I said NO!  That simple. 

I'll keep Mark in my phone list, he is from Baltimore, and I am all about networking - hell maybe when I am in Baltimore sometime I will need a place to stay, and since I already know he is willing to share a bed with me, I won't have to worry about paying for a hotel. 

The first experience was a great one- free appetizers, doors opened for me and a bottle of wine with only my name on it - I think I am on to something here - free dinner in exchange for conversation in a public place? I can do this - 

At least I learned about this 'vacation sex' theory and meeting random people in cities you are traveling for work - my tummy and my wallet are going to benefit from this.

Until the next sucker!
The girl who got free dinner :) <3 !