Thursday, January 13, 2011

Part 2: Why I am Single: I know what I want

Honestly, this guy needed his own blog dedicated to him for his response to my question in the last blog.  He is either high as fuck, on something that more people wish they had, or just has a lot of time on his hands because he has no job or is 75yrs old...Is it wrong that I fucking LOVE when someone is this open, honest and raw with me and I was excited to read all this?  I love knowing exactly what people think of me...and this guy did not spare my pride at any expense of letting me know what he thought of me...though in reality it doesn't seems like he even knows what he thinks...

"If you want to know why I didn't hit on you, I could sum it up by saying you seem high maintenance. You seem like the kind of girl who wants a nice guy that's going to tell her exactly what she wants to hear. And I'm not a nice guy, obviously. I think I'm a good guy, because despite my instincts telling me you want somebody to say your looks and success intimidates most men (or something complimentary like that) I'm just going to be honest and not bullshit. I mean you are attractive, I won't lie, maybe even hot. But you also seem a little demanding. Not of commitment, that isn't a problem, but of time, attention, money, and it all just gets to be too much. I met a girl on here back in November. She was kind of hot, too. We dated for a little while and eventually I just got tired of taking her out twice a week and her acting like everything was expected. No reciprocity.

So maybe it's an unfair assumption. But the fact you can't sit still doesn't help either.

I'm not saying you seem shallow or anything (like I said I really don't know anything about you).

So, I'm sure you're very nice. I think you have an awesome personality, frankly. I think you'd be great to hang out with. I really did think about approaching you at one point. And again now, which is why I'm bothering to write this, I do think you seem like a really cool person.

I just think you'd get bored and restless, then maybe a little irritating as you poke me trying to get me to move and entertain you.

I'm more of a greyhound, slow most of the time with intense spurts of explosion. You seem more like a hummingbird, constantly at a low buzz.
And that could either go really well, or nowhere. And I just don't think you'd have the patience to be happy in a relationship with that dynamic.

I don't know, I'm just sitting here waiting for football to start. I hope I didn't waste your time with this and you hate me now. Planning some cyber revenge that's going to destroy my computer...

So, cheers. I think you seem super cool. I really do. But just one of those girls who's a little too sure of what they want and how they expect to be treated. Like you're looking for a nice guy who'll take care of you a little. Not that you seem needy, but every girl seems to want to be a princess. I'm more interested in finding a queen.

So, please don't get down on yourself, please don't hunt me down and spray paint my house. You asked, and I'm answering out of respect. If you want to tear my profile apart, write back and call me an asshole, go and ahead and do it. I'm curious what people think of me, too. I'm not going to get offended and I hope that this didn't offend you. And with all that said, I have no doubt you'll find what you're looking for eventually."

All the best, for reals,


The Girl who Shouldn't know what she wants to be in a relationship :)


A Girl's Gotta Eat said...

And for the record, if any of you know the man he described that can keep up with my high maintenance life....please email me at with his name, number, income, child status and rent he pays. Oh yea, and net worth. Thanks.


nix said...

HA! I feel like if someone sent that to me I'd be like so when can I take you out?! haha-- oh maybe thats why I'm

Jason Burk said...

"I'm more of a greyhound, slow most of the time with intense spurts of explosion. You seem more like a hummingbird, constantly at a low buzz."

Most amazingly hilarious online dating site pickup line EVER.

"I'm more of an elephant, with a big long trunk to cradle you, while you are a porcupine, spiky but adorable."

Romance 2.0

Nance said...

I know you're trying the online dating but I heard about this app that might be great for you to experiment with called MojoMapp ( It's supposed to show you which bars have single men in them lol! I would love to read a post about how that works out for you!