Sunday, February 6, 2011

My first date with a cartoon character

Guy 4:  Steve
Age:  26
Kids: no
Status: Single
Employment: Honestly I don't even remember - was concentrating on how to end the date before it began
Height:  maybe 5’8” - who am I kidding 5'6"
Eyes:  beautiful blue - but those monkey ears! O MY...I felt as though i was in the presence of dumbo and could magically take  air ride any time
Hair: Dirty blonde – dumbo ears
Build:  Average - healthy, worked out...big ears. 
Outfit:  Nice scarf, some JCrew Sweater, jeans and Pumas..yessss I love Pumas..
First impression:  hmm....I wonder if he can ever find a pair of headphones that fit...
Blonde Date Blondie Rating:  1 - I felt like i was on a date with a middleschooler
Date #2?:  haha nope.

This kid played curling, along with volleyball, basketball, baseball, kickball and probably skeeball -every night during the week....on men's leagues.  And he wonders why he is single? Or he is madly in love with one of his teammates and is too chicken to say it.  

Either way – all that sums up this one is: transformers tattoo. Yes, this grown man, admitted to me within 30 minutes of meeting him, he has a large Transformer symbol between his shoulder blades, as he stated "because tattoos should mean something" and he always loved Transformers.

HAHAHAHA - What the fuck. I think in some twisted, warped way he feels more powerful knowing he has this tattoo.  Like he has a symbol to combine with Earth, Wind and Fire to conquer the world of evil someday.  And I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a nickname for himself, like, "Thief Stopper".  I clearly think his nickname should have been Dumbo, he could have been the aircraft to transport all the superheros.  Equally as important!

He was sweet though, paid for my drinks, which a gentleman should, picked up my scarf when it fell. We had decent conversation, which means nothing to me, because I can have a great conversation with a rock. hahah...fuck, and I wonder why I am single (I don't really, I know why I am single).

...long story short this kid was more interested in what time his dodgeball team had kick-off the next day than sitting there and asking me if I even had a job...Thank god the hot blonde on a blind date next to us bought me a shot of Tequila to ease the pain, she might have been more entertaining than Mr. Dumbo.

Here's to finding someone who will love me more than his 'club' sports...

The Girl who would of rather hung out with the other couple having a date laughing the whole night.

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