Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Perfect Kiss

So this post is in response to someone who asked a question from a previous post "What is the ideal moment for a first date kiss".  Got me to thinking - I judge people a lot when I am on a first date, especially if it gets to the first kiss - and what does make a great kiss?  Well - Hell if I know, but here was my response -

"Eric - the ideal kiss.  Hesitation.  Waiting until the end of the night was the right thing to do, but its the movement of the kiss that matters, along with making it feel like it was a decision by the both of us.  One of the best after date kisses I had recently was in my car.  We said our good byes, he whispered in my ear what a great time he had with me and then opened the door for me.  After he opened the door, he leaned in again to say good night, and I could not resist the urge to put my lips on his and finally let the passion I had felt all night be expressed. 

There should be some teasing, touching of the face - but this is all dependent on the fact that the girl wants you.  I think a great way to test it is the goodbye hug.

Hug her, attempt for the kiss on the cheek.  If she remains in hug/wrapped arm position with you and stands there with her vagina angled towards you, she wants you.  Go in for the lip kiss - but not too quickly.  You will look desperate.  And don't make it too long.  Only 2 - 3 lip kisses and maybe 2 seconds of tongue, then end it. Leave her wanting more.

The trick is to keep her thinking about you the rest of the night, morning and following week.

If you lean in for the hug and the kiss on the cheek and she turns away and then walks away, give up. She is not interested. 

Your last test of finding out if she likes you - ask her to do something again before she leaves.  If she says, "I would like that" or "absolutely" you are almost guaranteed in.  If she says "call me" or "sure, I'll let you know when I  am free",  Chances are she doesn't want to see you again.

The ideal kiss is one you can't stop thinking about.  The one you want to happen again.  The one you hope was not just a dream.  A kiss that seemed to happen way to fast. Less is always more when it comes to the first kiss."

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