Monday, December 13, 2010

What's my name again?

Guy 3: Justin (already a bad sign when he has the same name as your ex, not that I should be able to consider Justin an ex since we barely were ‘dating’ in public for more than three hours at a time, before he changed his mind … and wanted to keep his options open…but then I went out one night and looked hot, he wanted to date me again….I’m not bitter and that clearly has nothing to do with why I don’t trust men, cough cough,**sigh**)
Age: 28?
Kids: 0 – but when asked what his goal in life was, he replied “to be a great  grandfather” …ok ok all together now….AWWWWW ..right! Don’t worry he fucks it up later.
Status: Single
Employment: Sales Manager
Height: maybe 5’10”           
Eyes:  Icy blue
Hair:  Dark curly brown
Build:  average, marathon runner
Outfit: light blue button down, Puma brown tie ups bonus!, good fitting jeans but nothing fancy
First impression:  omg, not what I expected? And why are you sitting like a creeper in the corner of the bar not the middle?
Blonde Date Blondie Rating: 3 cocktails
Date #2?:  not….yet?? its been 3 months and he hasn’t grown a pair yet to actually ask me on a date, just texts me all the time telling me how much he would LIKE to take me out again – clearly not a red flag he has commitment issues.

Moments that made me like him:  the longer we talked, or maybe it was the more I drank, he became more attractive – he has beautiful eyes, and I could just tell he was interested in me.  Or hell, maybe I just like someone more when I can tell that I have the upper hand.  Boy I am in trouble.  He also taught me all about fishing and hunting seasons, like my own personal national geographic station, because he was  a great talker.

Moments that made me not like him:   he was a great talker…he talked wayyyy too much.  Geeze – this is the second guy in a row that has consumed the entire conversation.  Literally at one point I said, “did I tell you that already? Oh yea, no, I didn’t because you haven’t asked me anything about myself”  and this was 3 hours into the date.

There was also the moment a few days later when he texted me, “well you are not my typical type I go for, but you sure are sexy as hell and I wanted to fuck you.  I wish I would have kissed you, you have such beautiful lips”.  Now, dilemma!!!! Because… I was slighting flattered, yet disturbingly on the verge of vomiting.  Hell, I don’t mind being proud to be the woman who can transcend boundaries of men’s female “types”.  Which I am sure his was 5’2” brown hair and no boobs – At the same point I was disgusted at how he assumed I would have taken him up on his offer to have sex – I mean who does he think I am? A single, cute, desperate, lonely single blond, going on a tremendous amount of blind dates for fun? I mean come on…ugh.

Keep the Number?:  I have it – just so I know who constantly keeps texting me randomly, but will not be pursuing this one…unless he shows up with roses and stuffed animals at my door step.   Or stops texting me about how he wants to have a glass of wine at my place and make me cum.  Really?

Maybe the next, next one will let me talk?
The Girl forgot what it’s like to hear her own voiceJ

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