Sunday, December 5, 2010

No Longer a Virgin - of Blind Dates that is...

Guy 1 – Mark “hey how you doin’”
Age: 32
Kids: 1 child
Status: Divorced
Employment: Sales Manager, who thought he was a ‘Company Negotiator’, whatever, sales guy.
Height: 6’2”
Eyes:  Brown?
Hair: Dark Brown - cut short, not bad
Build:  oh my, he works out...
Outfit: Flip flops...yep the ultimate "I don't give a fuck" shoe, true religion jeans and white/red plaid shirt.
First impression:  Ok this guy has a funny nose, but nice freakin watch!
“Guy” Label: Immature Dad

Where we met: Blue Tusk, Syracuse NY; Pastabilities, Empire Brewery
Blind Date Blondie rating: 3 cocktails

Moments that made me like him:  We were laughing about apples, and I touched his arm…rock solid. I mean, a solid diamond held nothing to him.

Moments that made me not like him: his “hey baby lets fuck” line.

Ok so he didn’t really say that, but when the conversation starts with an IM “Where are we going to dinner. I am only in town for one night, no expectations” - you better believe I am taking him up on that.  Not only because I am well over due for a nice restaurant dinner, but I also know I have will power and that even though I know “I am only in town for one night, no expectations” really means “vacation sex”, I won't fall for it.  (so don't worry mom I didn't sleep with him)

Now this “vacation sex” doesn’t have to be on a real vacation, more seems like a great idea for people on business trips, I recommend it.  But it definitely follows my theory of Why the Fuck Not? 

This whole blog will follow my theory of Why the Fuck Not - like when he asked me to go back to his hotel with him...I thought, well I don't want to die, get a STD or not sleep in my own my WTFN was answered and I said NO!  That simple. 

I'll keep Mark in my phone list, he is from Baltimore, and I am all about networking - hell maybe when I am in Baltimore sometime I will need a place to stay, and since I already know he is willing to share a bed with me, I won't have to worry about paying for a hotel. 

The first experience was a great one- free appetizers, doors opened for me and a bottle of wine with only my name on it - I think I am on to something here - free dinner in exchange for conversation in a public place? I can do this - 

At least I learned about this 'vacation sex' theory and meeting random people in cities you are traveling for work - my tummy and my wallet are going to benefit from this.

Until the next sucker!
The girl who got free dinner :) <3 !


E. Naumann said...

love it! just added a link of your blog to my slowly starting blog. :)

love & support,

Anonymous said...

*highly* doubt he was "divorced" IRL

Jason Burk said...

I'm curious, how are you meeting these guys for blind dates? dating website IMing? Do you recommend others try this?