Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hello! Can I say something????

Guy 2: Mr. MD, (we will call him this because his name is rather original and I fear if he did a google search for his name he would find this post, and we should all agree that can’t be a good thing)
Age: 32
Kids: 0
Status: Single
Employment: Medical Resident with specialty in child care(awww)
Height:  maybe 5’8”, and I wore heels – automatically not going to work
Eyes:  Hazelnut?
Hair: Dark Brown
Build:  Eh – claimed he worked out, but I sure saw some  puffiness in his mid section
Outfit: Hot jeans, classic boating shoes and a dark blue button down
First impression:  OMG, he wears glasses - hot, but gosh he is short - not
Blonde Date Blondie Rating: 2
Date #2?:  Never happened – my neck hurt too much from looking down

Moments that made me like him:  He was a doctor…$$$$...he owned his own condo…$$$$... he was a doctor $$$$...shit this isn’t going any where cause I liked nothing about his personality!

Moments that made me not like him:  When he didn’t think I could play darts, then I schooled his ass…. and not once asked me a thing about myself.

Kid you not…this guy, n e v e r   s t o p p e d   t a l k iiiinnngggg.  OMG.  And these guys wonder why they are single?  I knew all about his career path, his mom, his dog he left at med school, his complete work schedule, how many times he takes a shower and combs his hair (ok, not really but feel like he might of mentioned it had I let him) and his condo he owns that is too big for his own good, and how much he loves to drink.  Ya, never knew doctors drank so much – every day after work and shit faced on weekends. JUST the kind of man I would want caring medically for my child…but come to think of it - the fact that he drank so much actually made me like him even more – twisted.

Now I wasn’t mad he didn’t let me win darts, but I was laughing at the fact that he assumed I wouldn’t be able to play.  Literally – this small little Mr. Medical man was embarrassed when I was up 75 points and hit triple 17’s.  That shut him up.  Might have been the only time I was able to say anything.

We didn’t have dinner – by choice – I ended the date after about 2 hours – yawn, I was ‘tired’ and had to go home because I had a big event the next day. Haha sucker.

Keep the Number?: I’ll keep this guys number if I ever get desperate and so poor I can’t afford only dinner, but my drinking habits as well.  Plus, knowing doctors…bonus!!! $$$$ Maybe he has some taller doctor friends.  Plus he said he would show me a good time at ‘flip night’ at some bar near the University.   I don’t get it. 

Here’s to hoping the next one lets me talk!
The Girl who can play sports J

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