Saturday, December 18, 2010

What a douchebag.

Guy 2: Douchebag
Age: 31
Kids: 0
Status: Single
Employment: back in school finding a new career
Height:  don't know never met!
Eyes:  douchebag
Hair: Dark blonde...oh yes, I know because he sent me a text pic....ew
Build:  you guessed it - douchebag
Outfit: I bet this kid doesn't even know what a good pair of shoes or jeans looks like... or his mom still dresses him
First impression:  I literally think I hate this kid - from all of his first text I automatically thought about my ex and how he would cheat on me from one of these silly free dating sites, and I could just picture him saying the things this guy did....omg makes my damn skin crawl.
Blonde Date Blondie Rating: 1, you ask why not a 0 or negative...well...lets flipping face it this guy has proved to be entertainment from the first moment!! I knew I wouldn't like him, but I wanted to have some fun with it...haha
Date #2?:  Dude keeps texting me and calling me to hang out...really???

I am going to let the text do the talking on this one: (Note: Please pay attention to response times)

Monday December 13,2010: 7:32pm

Douche (D): 7:32p: "Hey, its douche Whats up"
GG2Eat: 7:48p: "NM, having dinner with a friend"
D: 7:49p: Cool, were you still up for drinks?
GG2Eat: 8:55p:  Absolutely, I am always up for a drink
D: 8:56p:Great hun, I have a test tonight but how about Friday
GG2Eat: 9:15p: Perfect, happy hour, you pick the place
D: 9:17p:Ok hunni have a great night!

Wednesday December 15, 2010: 8:39pm

Douche (D): 8:39p I passed my test :)
D: 8:52p:Yep I got 1 more :)
D: 8:59p: its my last year, one more semester!
D: 9:07p: haha huni work hard at school, im happy
AGG2Eat: 9:09: Dude, I think you got your numbers mixed up, I didn't write you anything
D: 9:11p:  oh hahah! Sorry my phone contacts got all messed up yesterday, thats so weird, sorry sweetie, how did we meet?
AGG2Eat: 9:15p: Its Agirlsgottaeat from *some dumb online service*
D: 9:18p:  oh i kno you lol
D: 9:33p:  don't worry - it won't happen again :)
AGG2EAT: 10:15p: Ya, well it's easy to mess up people's phone numbers when you are talking to multiple women at the same time and don't save their name with the number.  :)
D: 10:37p: haha, i know my contacts just got all messed
D: 10:55p: What are you doing tonite?
D: 10:59p: hunny what you doing now?
D: 11:14p:  Well you have a good nite! :)
I NEVER WROTE HIM BACK - Passed out, didn't care...watching Family guy...obviously doing something more important..than talking to a man who can't keep his blind dates straight!

Thursday, December 16, 2010:4:46p

D: I am a good student :)  Im really happy I had the best semester grade wise. we still on 4 tomorrow. I may hafta stop dt tonight for a bit
AGG2Eat: Ya I have to push it back to 9 because I was thrown on an event last minute
D: OK Ill prob go dt around 830 ill be solo i may meet u w friends at 10 your welcome to come. i guess well see how our first impressions go lol :P
AGG2Eat: Ok, text me when you get downtown what bar you are at
D: Ok Sweetie if you get free any earlier let me kno. i was lookin fward to happy hour w you
AGG2Eat:  Aw, sorry
D: o i understand see you tmmr :)  :)

Friday, December 17, 2010 : 9:07pm 
So I knew this was gonna be good, it was almost 45min after he was supposed to 'go downtown solo' and text me where he was to meet I thought muahahha this is gonna get good...lets fuck with him...

AGG2Eat: 9:07p: Hey, I'm headed downtown, what bar are you at?
Douchebag!:  9:27p:  Hey im out in another town. totally lost track of time
AGG2Eat: 9:54p: Ok, Have fun
Douchebag:   Another nite plz sorry iv been caught up in the end of semester celebration. i promise im not a flake
AGG2Eat: 10:17p: haha you're kidding right?  You had your chance :) Maybe the girls number you messed mine up with will meet up with you.
Douchebag: 10:24p: your kidding right....i made a mistake and got stuck in another sister dragged me out here for a drink to celebrate the best semester i ever had grade wise. i totally thought id be back by now
Douchebag: 10:25p: im sorry hun hope your understandin
AGG2Eat:: 10:26p: hah haha
Douchebag: 10:27p: so you not understandin and laughing at me huh
AGG2Eat: 10:28: oh hun don't turn it around on me. i didn't fuck up :)
Douchebag: 10:30p:  what did i fuck up a chance to share a drink with my sister and meet a pretty girl tho she's not flexible or understanding of mistakes
AGG2Eat: 10:45p: exactly, you are smarter than I thought you were
Douchebag:10:57p:  your the pretty girl in that last msg if ya didnt kno
AGG2Eat: 11:15p: Ya, I got that. Had you met me you would of been able to add funny intelligent witty successful and maybe sooner or later great in bed.
Douchebag:11:27p:  you know im a good guy thoo. i have plenty to offer. maybe we can try again and discover how awesome we both are

Douchebag: 11:33p:  Calls me: I don't answer

Douchebag: 11:35p:   99% of the time i never fail when it comes to being on time and having integritty.  i guess im not used to having my big sister proud of me. think about it.  sleep on it give me text if you change yer mind. have a great night hun

Douchebag:11: 45p: my sister even called me a dumb ass
AGG2Eat:  Dude, I canceled other plans and had to rearrange a bunch of shit at work for me to meet up with you.  So ya. dumb move on your part. 

Thought I won the war and I would actually never hear from him again - that was pretty harsh right?!! ..ohhh..if only it were that easy.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010: 2:28pm

Douchebag:  what are you up to today

2:33p Calls Me; I answer

Douchebaggerman: Hey
Douchebaggerman: Whats up
Nothing at work
***awkward 10 second silence***
Douchebaggerman: Thats cool, I just got done paintin for my family, my family is always findin things for me to paint, haha
Oh thats cool
Douchebaggerman: Ya so what you up to today?
Going to the hockey game
Douchebaggerman: Oh thats cool, when do you wanna meet up
Ugh, I am pretty busy until the new year
Douchebaggerman: Ok cool, call me after the game and we can meet
Um ok, bye
Douchebaggerman: Bye hun

Douchebaggerman: : 4:17p  Text me when your free sweetie
AGG2Eat: 8:46p: Whats up?
Douchebaggerman: 8:52p: Just making some call my buddy jimmy is having a celebration at his house
AGG2Eat: 8:55p: Some call???
Douchebaggerman:: 9:05p: lol ya what u doing
Douchebaggerman: 9:19p: thats exciting huh
Douchebaggerman: 9:35p: well have a nice nite then hun
AGG2Eat: 10:16: I was at the symphony
Douchebaggerman: oh was it nice you so cultur' :)

Ok I promise that's it...i am not answering any more if his texts...but you better fucking believe if he keeps writing me and it is beneficial for this blog, I will meet him....and destroy him....well maybe...should I? I think I should....and I will tell all of you where and when we are meeting and you can spy hahaha..oh boy...

The point of this blog is...I am astounded at how
1: we had plans to meet up at 9. 
2: he was going dt at 8:3o and texting me when he ended up somewhere
3: he was looking forward to happy hour and meeting me
4: he ends up not going downtown at all, doesn't tell me - so I go downtown and waste my makeup and hairspray (not really, but I let him think I did)
5: i ask his whereabouts and he actually responds; he thinks he didn't do anything wrong
6: It is somehow my fault? and i am not understanding
7: he still wants to meet up

I totally understand the ditching people if you don't ever want to talk to them again - like this past week, when I ran out on my blind date...literally RAN out on him (that one will come later) and he got the point and hasn't contacted me, but to ditch someone, respond to a text and blame them for the whole situation, then have the balls to assume they would want to hang out with you?? who is this guy??

douchebag !! question is....are there really girls out there that fall for this BS? what happened in my life that makes me not fall for this?? besides common sense.   I mean he is a good looking kid - from what I can tell from online and his text picture he sent this BS must be working with some women...women that I clearly would not relate to or I would like to talk to!

my advice for him? go prey on some freshman college girls at a Towney bar...that's the only place this act fits in. (shut up to those of you that know I am speaking from experience)


The Girl who is not flexible or understandin'....hunny.


Anonymous said...

Haha that was some funny stuff right there. I think douchebag fits him well lol

Kate L said...

You ask why you don't fall for this BS? Umm, because you're not 17.

Don't even go on a date with him said...

Wow! wow! wow! The more I read the worse it got. Dude is a douche-bag indeed! I mean, there is nothing wrong with talking to a lot of people if you are trying to broaden your prospects but have some damn respect and get your facts and contacts straight! Sounds like an amateur and an idiot who clearly underestimates you IQ.

The first impression he made was to portray himself as:
-self-absorbed (my semester, my grades, i did so good, blah blah blah)
-inconsiderate- by ignoring the fact that he flaked out without informing you and then using the guilt card for not being "flexible" and "understanding."
-in constant need of attention with all the non-stop texting. Even if some of those texts were for somebody else it shows you that he is probably overwhelming multiple girls throughout the day. Based on the times he is texting he is clearly looking for some late-night action.
- "The hunny, hun, sweety" BS is not only condescending but it shows that he doesn't understand boundaries because you don't even know him and he's talking to you like you're his baby niece or something.

I'd say not to waste any more of your precious time on him.

A Girl's Gotta Eat said...

Right! I am so glad douchebag was an appropriate word :)

Don't even go on a date with him: You are SO SO right!! I love what you wrote! I will NOT be going on a date with him, nor will I give him any more time of day..

...update though: he called me 2 times and texted me 3 times saying "night sweetie" at the end....haha lame!!

On to the next one, as Jay Z would say

Anonymous said...

I am torn on this subject. first, i would hesitate to say a guy seeking you out like this one just wants in on the blog post action and doesn't take a date with you seriously (aka, lead to a relationship) bc you are single and loving it (he might get that from the theme of the blog). butttt if you are into him or a guy like this in the future...sometimes men don't understand what they do wrong and confuse plans totally accidentally or forget and don't realize its an issue until you say what's up. if a guy is late/doesn't call /etc, tell him it bothers you. if he changes, he's a keeper, if not, total douche.

A Girl's Gotta Eat said...

HAHA I totally did NOT go on a date with him - But he did text and call me for the next following 2 days...with response for me of course. Seriously.


I loved hearing everyone's response, so that I know I am not going crazy too quickly and think men need to understand women read into EVERYTHING head into meeting a man. We are going to analyze their texts and wonder why they are doing something, because we do not want a creeper. I lost on this one with that!

I like the last post telling me to tell the guy what's up - I forget sometimes the only reason I know things or know not to say/do something is because I was told not to, or made fun of for it. I like the idea of humiliation for educational purposes :)