Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why are you giving me a reason to run?

Let's hope I don' get arrested for posting these - if I do, I will clearly plead insanity.

I don't get it. Seriously- why would you send me pic message of you with another girl, or with your shirt off or standing in front of your filthy bathroom sink??? really??

Unfortunately for me, there has been an abundance for ridiculous pic messages sent to my would think it would make me less apt to go on a blind date with them...psych!!! exact opposite.  I want to meet these fools.  I actually will be meeting one next week - I need a crazy fuck to get my mind off things...but seriously....would you want to get this in your inbox?
Seriously. WTF. I vomited. Then Laughed. The end.

Don't worry - this guy is going to "Be the man of my dreams and keep a smile on my face from all the laughter he will cause"

Ok - Men out not take self portraits. Unless they are ridiculously hilarious, spur of the moment photo and mocking fun of something in the not stand in your bathroom and pose. Because here is the thing - we know that this is not the one and only picture you have taken.  We now know you stood there, for at-least 15 minutes, and practiced. That's fucking lame. I might be acceptable for 15 year old highschool girls...because they are 15 year old highschoolers!!!...we can see your stretched arm!!! No matter how much cropping you are still pathetic.

I don't get it...what about you driving, unsafely taking a picture of yourself, with a double chin makes you think I will find you attractive? ? ? ? ?  ? Ladies? Am I wrong? But ...that's one sweet button-up shirt.  and you look awful close to the guardrail sir.

You are so cool. Because you have a sunroof.  Thank god you shared. ugh..
I dunno - call me crazy - but if this is what the dating scene is like in this area...I am eff You See Kay'd.

Here's to finding a guy who knows how to take a decent photo.


The Girl Who needs to switch cell numbers very soon :)


Anonymous said...

well then.. can we get at least get a post of what picture is deemed acceptable?

Diet Starts Tomorrow said...

gotta love douchey guys.. otherwise, who would we make fun of?

A Girl's Gotta Eat said...

Amen sista!! And if I could attach a photo of an acceptable photo...then I would....maybe an upcoming blog can be a 'how to' :)

Anything Place said...

he just had to get that sunroof in the pic lol